The Future About Page

This week’s assignment surprised me in that it made me think about the future in a way I hadn’t spent much time doing before. When I was writing my About page for the site, I started writing it as if it was five years down the road and A Golden Media wasn’t just a website designed as part of a WordPress class, but a website for a successful media management firm.

In the end, I made my About page one that is currently accurate but it left me wondering what the About page for this business would say in five years. Will I change my focus based on some skill I have yet to learn? What kind of businesses will I have as clients? Will I have to hire staff? Will I have only local clients or will they be far-flung, requiring the occasional business trip? What will social media even look like in five years?

I look forward to seeing how my career path actually bobs and weaves as the face of media continues to morph but for now I’ll spend some time just daydreaming about it…